Requests with Integrity and Honesty

At Leader & Bulso, we gladly encourage any attorney looking for additional expertise on a case to contact us. We’re always happy to evaluate partnership opportunities with the goal of providing the best case possible for your client.

Our partners are honored to be in high-demand for attorneys looking to add specialized expertise to complex cases. However, not every case fits the strengths and resources of all parties.

That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure that all referrals are assessed thoroughly before committing to helping any outside cases.

Working Together for Better Results

Preparation and litigation of complex cases can drain the resources of law firms working on a contingency fee basis and teaming up with experienced counsel is often the best way to achieve good results for the client.

Complex cases can involve hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of lawyer and staff time. The expenses in such cases are usually tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars with a substantial risk to the funding lawyer if the case is unsuccessful.

The attorneys who refer contingent fee cases to us and act as co-counsel share in the fee earned as permitted under the Disciplinary Rules, thus rewarding them for the reputation they have developed in their community for excellent service to their clients.

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